juz added a few stuffz in here..check out the GmailDrive and my mp3 collection @ multiply.com..well, the GmailDrive haven't had many stuff yet coz it takes time to upload them due to my slow internet connection today..maybe i'll put some softwares in it later..to everybody, you are free to use my GmailDrive to share and store files..but don't change anyhing on the account..the tutorial on using the drive is in the directory.. just search for the text file and have a look..for the mp3 site, i've just uploaded some of my mp3 files..all the mp3's have been compressed from 3-5mb to about 800++kb for each file.. just download the files or you can listen to it online..more mp3's and full albums to come..maybe tomorrow, i'll upload craig david's full album, yellowcard's latest album;lights and sounds, keane's under the iron sea..depending on my internet connection..make sure to check it frequently..for mp3 request, just make a request in here or at my multiply.com account..i'll try to help you..depends on my free time šŸ˜›


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