juz installed some extension for my firefox..delete extension² yg dulu yg tak best..and install yang best punya..since da first time i’m using  firefox, i never use IE again..why?..coz it’s sux..and if can, i wanna delete it from my pc.. 😛 ..open source stuff mostly best² coz benda nih dibuat oleh developer² from around da globe..tak terhad from just a company like microsoft etc. ..dulu² aku pernah guna linux..mandrake linux..but bila time nak gaming ja, susah sikit coz most of game yang aku beli can’t run in linux system.. 😛 ..too bad, then i uninstall it..for da firefox, i recommend it to everyone..try it and i’m sure u’ll love it..ada banyak extension and plugin for this thing..like now, i’m blogging from my browser without having to login on wordpress..thanx to one of it’s extension; performancing, blogging made easy..banyak lagi extension² yang best like chatzilla; IRC client from ur browser, videodownloader; download video from google video, youtube and others, downthemall; great download manager..and many more..imagine, work on everything from your browser without having to install software, etc..huh~..memang best arr..ada lagi, thunderbird, mail and rss client..nih pun best jugak..tak perlu buka mailbox, just run thunderbird, and you’re ready to go..kalo ada banyak emel account, just configure thunderbird and all your mail from your multiple account can be read without having to switch your browser to your mail site..and da latest, seamonkey,..this is da best of all..Web-browser, advanced e-mail and newsgroup client, IRC chat client, and HTML editing made simple — all your Internet needs in one application..it’s juz so great..i’ve use it, but not frequent coz aku masih sayang nak buang firefox nih.. 😛 ..try out all of them and u’ll sure to like it!

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