1 week offline

due to some stupid problems with da phone line a week ago, my streamyx was effected until today..stupid betol laa..memula ingat blom bayar bil..bila dah bayar, still jugak tak bole access..then buat repot kat TM..tah apa laa masalahnya..da whole week, life without internet..huh~..so dull..nak main game pun tak bole..directx is missing a file; d3dx9_27.dll ..mana aku nak cari?..baru tadi download..that's y tenet is so important.. πŸ˜› ..btw, my comp dah format balik..hari sabtu lepas..i'm having so much trouble to format this stupid windows..aku format balik coz yang dulu tu dah bodo² dia punya sistem..banyak sangat install barang..system pun dah tunggang langgang..too much internal damage yang tak bole repair..masa nak reinstall windows, many problems pulak..firstly, my windows cd yang aku pirate dari orang tak bole function plak..cd tu bootable, tapi tak boot pun bila load..stupid cd…then pegi beli dvd windows collection..da problem is, dvd nih is not bootable also..so, i have to burn da respected folders to cd's..i have winxp sp3 & winxp sp2 end user edition..dua² bukan officially dari microsoft..just some modification from computer geeks πŸ˜› ..but da sp2 end user edition is quite nice..da sp3 is sux..very annoying boot screen, etc..ada nama creator tu..stupid..bila dah burn respected things to cd's, system still can't boot from cd..i dunno y..i've tried several times, again and again..still can't..i've tried both sp2 & sp3, i've included the boot files…still can't..then i change da hard disk with my other cpu's one (coz this one is damaged..i've deleted da whole windows folder :P)..cannot also..owh~ shit..i've ruined da whole thing..then my bios won't load..oO my god~..i'm doomed..stay calm..then i think to reset my bios..but i don't do it coz this may result in more complicated problems..i just wait for a while and keep changing da hard disk..and after a few tries, bios came to normal..thank god..da next day, i bought a new bootable disc that costs me 18 ringgit..a sux price for just a single cd..18 ringgit can buy dvd game laa.. πŸ˜› ..dulu² cd windows just 10 ringgit, tapi semenjak 2 menjak nih, dorang dah pandai naikkan harga..hantu punya tauke cd..dari wisma merdeka sampai center point aku cari cd windows 10 ringgit..tiada jugak..so, terpaksa laa angkut yang 18 ringgit tu..then balik rumah terus proceed with formatting my hard disk..finally, dapat jugak..after habis, proceed with installing warez, etc..install laa game rise of legend, adik rise of nation…tapi tak bole run..da whole dvd yang size 4 gigs just ada 35 mb..stupid game..esoknya pegi tukar ngan hitman: blood money..tapi tak bole run jugak coz da directx component yang missing..hari nih baru bole.. πŸ˜› ..past days, without tenet, kerja aku compress mp3.. πŸ˜› ..folder with 3++gigs  of musics, bila dah convert n compress jadi 200++mb.. πŸ˜› ..saves my disk space..hehehe~..now, i wanna main game..nak test performance of this 'new' windows..

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