damn windows..

stupid windowshey~..guess what..just now, i’ve just got a message from bill gates..a fuckin popup suddenly appear on my screen and it says that my copy of windows is not genuine..and after that he’s asking me to buy his original microsoft windows..damn!..hell with his products..why should i buy this damn windows..i’m not using them..i’m just ‘trying’.. 😀 ..actually, this is a new system called Windows Genuine Advantage Validation that have been developed by microsoft to identify its windows genuineness in every pc’s using windows..i’ve heard it a month ago but i never thought it will happen to me coz for all these years i’ve been using those pirated cd’s and nothing ever happen..it’s just the same as using the originals..FYI, when your pc’s are ‘infected’ with this thing, an annoying popup will appear on the icon tray and a fuckin small banner will appear on right bottom of your screen when you’re entering windows..shit..it’s very annoying..but thanks to da hackers around the globe, i’ve managed to solve this irritating problem in no time..hackers have comeup with another solution – A new WGA Workaround User Script floating around called Windows Genuine Advantage Patcher (1.5.512.0) claims to circumvent validation checks for Microsoft Windows Updates and Microsoft Download Center..there are several method to byepass this stupid WGA..the easiest is, turn off automatic updates and don’t update your windows coz when you update, windows updates will automatically install WGA..and if you’re encountering problems with removing it, get the crack here ..just follow the instructions and in no time, your pirated windows will be back as normal..support the underground scene!~


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